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Now, for 20 Years

Thank you for sharing our Wine Joy for the past two decades. We look forward to what is yet to come.

Getting Better with AGE

Barrel Select pioneered the concept of accessible luxury wines in Ontario more than 20 years ago! We brought in wines that tasted like cult wines, yet they were more obtainable, accessible and affordable than those with the out-of-reach cult status (and ego driven price tag). We did this long before others; paving the way for more dynamic and varied wines in Ontario.

Stepping outside of the mainstream, we introduced lesser-known regions, that required a commitment to the wine chain, never acquiescing to commodity driven, notional wine options. Barrel Select’s wines are made by wine lovers for wine lovers. They reflect the character of every vintage, place and unique terroir.

It is not uncommon to hear our customers exclaim: “I’ve never had a bad wine from you,” for Barrel Select has become a trusted name for quality wines in Ontario.

  • Tom Eddy Vintage Reboot

    Our first and longest standing winery, Tom Eddy has grown to a destination winery from the early days of nomad winemaker. Bringing you our 20th vintage of the iconic Napa Cabernet, Tom's wine continues to please. The 2014 is in transit and, with a couple events planned for his November visit, the PO will go quickly. Put your name on a case now!

  • Kutch Sonoma Coast Vertical

    We met with Jamie just before his first grapes of the 2018 vintage startd coming in. So, just before things gt crazy busy, HE suggested that we put together a vertical case of his Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir. Talk is one thing, but we now have 2015, 2016 and 2017 shipping in one case - four bottles each. Don't miss this opportunity to survey this maverick's last 3 vintages.